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Book Week at Yolla District School 2020

Book Week was great fun at Yolla District School. My workshops this year were Curious Creature puppets, including teaching texture and construction techniques, and encouraging students to come up with a story about their creature, telling their creatures name, features, habitat, friends, and hobbies.

Picture Book Release Reginald’s Christmas

The latest picture book that I have illustrated has just been released! An all Tasmanian production – Tasmanian author, illustrator and publisher. Please support Australian Publishing and buy Australian!

Christmas Eve at last! Reginald twitches his whiskers, straightens his Santa hat and creeps quietly out of his tiny mouse hole into the dimly lit lounge room. In the flickering Christmas lights he can see a beautifully decorated tree. In his excitement Reginald scampers up the tree to play among the baubles, bells and bows. This is just the start of his grand adventure. Christmas cake, an angel, Santa, toys – he discovers them all, and what a night it turns out to be.

This delightful book from Tasmanian writer, Patricia Pettett, illustrated by Narelda Joy is the perfect Christmas gift for children aged 2-5 years.

You can buy a copy at