Devonport Readers’ Cup 2021

by Narelda Joy

The Devonport Readers’ Cup is a primary school based fun competition. Six students are chosen from each school to compete in challenges. It is the largest competition of its type in Tasmania, and this year received a record number of entries – eleven local schools.

Six books are chosen by literacy experts for the students to read in advance. The competition comprises two elements. Firstly, a memory test, with around 75 questions, given in rounds, about the six books the students have read. Secondly, a ‘creative challenge’ in which each team interprets an aspect or aspects of one or more of the books and presents a five minute interpretation to the audience.

The event was held at the East Devonport Primary School Hall. I was honoured to be the guest speaker for the day, as a judge.

At the conclusion of the event, every student is presented with a stylish, laminated participation certificate. I had the pleasure of presenting certificates to three of the attending schools, and witnessed the thrill on the students’ faces when they received them!  Such a sense of pride! As well as these, there are four trophies which are presented on the day, and three book vouchers. One trophy is perpetual, and is to be brought back by the overall winners the following year.

I wore my illustrator’s “coloured pencil dress!